Tavaksay Waterfalls

Among many factors that make mountains attractive are the waterfalls. There are many places where you can come across a waterfall in the Tashkent mountains, and the closest to the capital is Tavaksay with its several magnificent waterfalls. It’s only an hour’s drive from the capital, in Bostanlik District. I visited this place twice: in early February and at the beginning of July. Both times the minibus left us at the far end of the village, where the hiking part of the trip started.

The track goes along the Tavaksay stream, and you have to cross it several times along the way. After about 15-20 minutes’ walk, we reached a small garden with a spring and the only public toilet that can be found here. There are six waterfalls in this territory, with the first two being very small ones. The further you go, the bigger are the waterfalls. Along the way, we could see different plants and flowers, and in July we also saw many horses and goats grazing.

After about an hour we approached the waterfall called Forty Plaits. According to our guide Nuria, in spring when the stream is full the falling water resembles finely braided forty braids. 

The next one is situated among trees and is very beautiful.

The fifth waterfall is situated not very far. It’s much bigger compared to the previous ones and is surrounded by quite a large canyon. In summer you can easily walk up to the waterfall on the flat Plato ın the pleasant water. It’s surprising that the stony Plato here is not slippery unlike the other places along the stream. The water here is warm and it falls spread across the wide rocky wall. It’s very pleasant to stay under it, letting the falling water massage your full body and forget all your worries. 

The track up to this place is quite easy without any serious climbing (unless it is raining, in which case it can be muddy). It takes two hours. We spent here about 30 minutes, taking photos, enjoying the warm water, and sunbathing.  

The last waterfall requires a bit of physical endurance and training, as the path goes up a steep hill. In July there were several women in our group who were not accustomed to hiking, and one of them started feeling sick, so our guide had to spend some time taking care of her. The rest of us slowly went up to the waterfall. It is worth visiting: it is about 20 meters long and falls into a huge canyon. In dry weather, you can go down to the waterfall to get a natural massage given by the falling water.

Photo credit: Stepan Yadgarov

There is a small meadow surrounded by tall trees near the waterfall where we had lunch after having some fun. During my February visit, we had to take the track on the top of the waterfall as it was snowing heavily and it was freezing cold. We did not even stop for lunch.

The same waterfall in summer

After spending enough time we took the track that goes on the top of the waterfall back to the village.

The track is about 16 kilometers long and the best time to visit this place is between February and early July because that’s when the grass here dries out because of the extreme heat weather.

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