Foggy and snowy Yangiabad

Last Sunday I decided to go for a hike to a new place – Dukent meteorological station in Yangiabad, Tashkent Region. There were twelve of us including the guides in two cars. It took us about about three hours to get to the starting point. There was a lot of snow and we were lucky that some people had already went up, making it easier for us to walk.

At the beginning it was quite warm and clear. As we started walking, I started feeling hot so I took off my jacket and walked only in the sweater.

The higher we climbed, the more snow was waiting for us. In some places the snow was above the knee.

By midday the fog started getting thicker and all we could see was snow and the fog.

We got to the meteorological station in about three hours, and by that time the fog was too thick to see anything. We had lunch and some rest at the station and while we were there it started snowing again.

Not far from the station I noticed a small monument under a big pine tree that was devoted to those who died in the mountains.

We had some fun moments while going down, taking some photos, and just enjoying the snow.

Our group

Final place we went to was a former mine, but I was freezing (I was still wearing only a sweater and a raincoat), I did not take any photos there. Instead I put on my warm jacket and hat, and hurried to go down to the car. Still, I took some photos once I warmed a bit from walking.

A little after 4 we reached our car and headed towards Tashkent. Overall, it was a perfect Sunday.