Kizilsuv Waterfalls

Summers in Tashkent are generally hot and dry, so one Saturday I decided to join a small group hike to Kizilsuv. It is situated close to Charvak Reservoir and one of the most popular children’s campsite”Sokol”.

There were only four of us including the guide Daniil. The car took us to the gates of the camp and from there we took the trail up the hill. The path is quite easy and opens the picturesque scenery below. 

View from the top

After about 30 minutes’ walk, we walked down the hill, crossed the stream and went to the other side of the road. We saw a boy who was leading a donkey carrying big logs down the road.

My companions going down the hill
Poor donkey

We started going up the hill, which was quite steep for about 50 meters. On the way, we saw an apiary and there was a dog that started barking at us. Luckily there was a fence and the dog was chained. The whole area was filled with blossoming herbs, especially sage, tansy, and tutsan.

You can see tutsan everywhere
A field of sage

After about an hour and a half, we came to the first waterfall, which is very big and you need to walk about 5 meters in the water to get to it. However, we did not stop there but instead proceded on our way. The second waterfall is much smaller than the other two and very shallow, but at the same time very beautiful. Here you can see the red rocks, that probably give the place its name (Kizilsu means Red Water).

The second waterfall

Another 25-30 minute walk and we got to the last waterfall which is large and magnificent. There are two large rocks near it and you can dive into the water from them because it’s very deep here. The water is refreshingly cold.

The last waterfall. Photo credit: Nikitin Daniil

We spent here about 30 minutes of swimming and diving and then went back to the first waterfall. We found a nice shady place for lunch, left our backpacks with our companions, and I and Daniil went to the waterfall. I just swam several times, while Daniil went to stay right under the waterfall twice.

Then we went back to the tree shade and had lunch and after lunch spent another half an hour in the”natural bath” that the stream formed. At about 3 p.m. we picked up our bags and started our journey back to the campsite.

Waiting for our car in front of the camp

The distance of the track is about 11 kilometers of quite an easy hike.

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