Road trip and Hiking in the Upstate New-York

Among different places of interest in the Upstate New York, Finger Lakes sounded the most attractive.

Tannery Creek Waterfalls
We arrived at the town of Naples right after 10 a.m. The notice was helpful to find the right place to start the hike.

We crossed a small log over the creek and shortly after reached the first waterfall. It was small but beautiful. The distance between waterfalls was short, so in about ten minutes we came to the second waterfall, and from here the trail went up.

The second waterfall

There were ropes tied to the trees along the trail, which made it comfortable to climb. We took some photos and continued on the way. In another 10 minutes, we reached the last waterfall, which was very picturesque, and the scenery around was stunning.

The last waterfall

We decided to climb to the half of the waterfall, although the path was wet and sleek.
The whole track took us about an hour. We returned to the car, and after having snacks we had with us, we headed towards Genesee Riverway Trail, Rochester.

Genesee Riverway Park, Rochester
The park here is big, and if you have enough time it is good to walk around and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

We wanted to get to the Niagara falls the same day, so we decided to go straight to the Lower Falls. The Lower Falls are very close to the parking lot, and it took us overall about 20 minutes to return to the car.

Lower Falls

From here we drove to the High Falls. We found a place to park – there are free parking spaces for 15 minutes. We went to the bridge, took some photos, and after enjoying the view of the High Falls, headed towards Niagara Falls, NY.

High Falls

Niagara Falls, NY
We first checked into the hotel, and then drove to the Niagara Falls. You can walk around the area and enjoy the view of the falls for free.

Of the five tours, we decided to go to the boat trip called the Maid of the Mist. It costs $20 per person. There are two big waterfalls, the Bridal Veils and the Horseshoe Fall. The boat takes you to both of them. The tour is amazing, and the excitement you get from the experience is worth the money. After we got off the boat, we went up to the Bridal Veil Falls.

Rainbow at the Bridal Veil Falls
The Bridal Veil Falls, view from the top
The Horseshoe Falls, view from the top

Then, we walked around the whole area, enjoying the views from the top.
After spending about 2 hours at the Niagara Falls, we found a nice place to eat delicious dinner.

A nice place to eat

This was a perfect ending of the day.

Next morning after breakfast we checked out of the hotel and drove back to the Finger Lakes.

Watkins Glen State Park
We arrived at 11 a.m., picked up the map of the park from the information office, and started on the Gorge Trail.

Entrance to the park

The trail is spectacular, and the scenery is breathtaking.

View from the top

According to the information brochure, there are 19 waterfalls in the park, and there are four trails. We followed the Gorge Trail up to the Mile Point Bridge.

From there we turned to the South Rim Trail, which runs through a beautiful forest. Reaching the Suspension Bridge we took some time to take photos and then went to the Lily Pond.

View from the Suspension Bridge

There is a picnic area and campground close in the South Pavilion, which is a few feet from the Lily Pond.

Lily Pond

You can also find food service and restrooms in this area. There are no restrooms along the trails, and no pets are allowed on the Gorge Trail.
We took a path from the South Pavilion to the Couch’s Staircase which leads to the main entrance.

Before leaving the area, we drove to Seneca Lake, and had some rest there.

Seneca Lake

Overall, these two days were full of excitement and happiness.